Classes 1963-1969
Reunion Weekend, October 27-29

It is so very hard to put the Reunion Weekend into words. It was fun, it was emotional, it was exciting, it was full of nostalgia, and it was the place to be. Sixty-six (66) alumnae met in Rochester for the weekend. Many live in or around Rochester; others came from California, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, various parts of New York and Canada. 

On Friday evening, the individual classes broke bread together. Priscilla Foti Mooney hosted the Class of 1963; Mary Strobino 1964; Shae Hanford 1965; Jane Daly DeCory 1966, Christine Wilmot 1968 and Liz Hanford Aldridge 1969. The Class of 1967 met at The Strathallan Hotel for drinks. It was their intention to go on a Ghost Walk, but the rain and winds prevailed and the class nestled into the hotel for dinner as well.

About 20 or so reunion attendees were at the Mass and luncheon hosted by the Associated Alumnae of Rochester on Saturday at the Century Club. Three members of the Class of 1966 received a Sacred Heart pin and a Tres Bien card from the Association in honor of their 40th year. Sr. Meg Canty, the administrator of Kenwood, spoke at the luncheon about the community of nuns at Kenwood and their transition to Teresian House; Doane Stuart School which operates on the property; and different scenarios for the future of the Kenwood property. 

Saturday evening was our true first gathering as an entire group. The setting was The Strathallan on East Avenue, a block from our former school. We enjoyed an extended cocktail hour so that everyone could meet and greet. As one alum remarked, “I can't believe how hard it was to recognize some and so easy to spot others.” Fortunately, everyone was wearing a name tag. The one thing that doesn’t change though is the voice. We could have put each person behind a curtain, asked her to speak, and immediately have known her. Everyone looked fabulous! In addition, we were most fortunate to have Sr. Jan McNabb, Sr. Patsy Reiss and Nancy Forward join us for the evening.

It was an evening of hugs, kisses, laughter and tears. Karen Iuppa (’63) led us all in a curtsy, as only Sacred Heart girls can curtsy. Some shared funny stories of school day antics and Maryanne Roach Innes (’67), candelabra in hand, sang “When the Battle Rages Fiercest” to her class. The evening ended far too soon.

On Sunday many of us gathered for a 2 hour tour of the Prince Street property, now known as Chapel Hill Apartments. We saw the common areas, four apartments (three in the main building and a duplex in what had once been our gym), and the chapel. The chapel has been restored to nearly exactly the way it was when we were in school. Margaret Strom, rscj (’65), clapped her hands and bade us to fall into ranks shortest to tallest, which we did in record time. Some things you never forget! We then processed into the chapel singing “Spirit Seeking” accompanied by Sr. McNabb on the organ. After moving into the pews, we sang “When the Battle Rages Fiercest”. It was for many a very “verklempt” moment.

It is our hope that this reunion was just the beginning of many of us staying in touch and getting together.  One alumna wrote, “I would never have dreamed it could happen”.  Another wrote, “It was magic”. 

What was truly joyous was to hear many remark about what a wonderful group of women we’ve become. They’re right, we have.

To view pictures of the 2006 reunion, click here.

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