Anne Byrne, rscj   
St. Louis, MO

“I am serving as a member of the Provincial Team. This past year, it has been a great joy to get to know members of the province, their co-workers, collaborators, associates and friends.”

Kaye Cherry, rscj
Convent of the Sacred Heart
1177 King Street
Greenwich, CT


Eleanor Fox, rscj 
New York, NY

“I work part-time as tutor in an ESL program for students enrolled at any of the CUNY colleges who don’t have the skills to pass the writing (and reading)tests required to get into credit courses.”

Maura Keleher, rscj


Eleanor MacLellan, rscj
Boston, MA


Jan McNabb, rscj
515 East 118th Street
New York, NY 10035


Pat Meier, rscj


Patsy Reiss, rscj 
Westwood RSCJ Community
140 Valparaiso Avenue
Atherton, CA 94027

“Presently my ministry is helping at our retirement place in Atherton.”

Margaret Seitz, rscj
Assistant Head for Curriculum
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
3747 Main Highway
Miami, FL 33155
305.446.5673 ext. 1246

“If anyone is coming to the Miami area, you’d love to see Carrollton. Call ahead though, I move around the campus.”

Ana Soto, rscj


Paula Toner, rscj


Annette Zipple, rscj


 Lay Teachers


Rose Piedici - Math, Senior School

After leaving Sacred Heart in 1967, Rose taught at Cardinal Mooney High School for 19 years. She mentored many student teachers and piloted new curriculum for the NY State Department of Education. Her expertise was teaching accelerated students.

During her retirement years, she played golf in spite of progressive rheumatoid arthritis. She also played bridge with a couple of different groups. In her later years, she began to experience dizziness and was prone to falls. In 1999, she broke her neck in a home accident. Although she was not paralyzed, the trauma to her body was so severe that her health began to decline. She was able to move very slowly with a walker, but was still able to drive and live alone.

Rose moved into the Shorewinds Nursing Home in Charlotte in 2004. She received excellent care and was liked and respected by the staff. Her mind was still very sharp and she was an avid reader of historical novels. She also liked to watch Syracuse and Michigan sporting events (she was a Syracuse alumna). She was always a teacher at heart and was tutoring an aide in algebra at the time of her death. The aide’s average rose 10 points and she passed a critical test. Unfortunately, Rose never knew the result. She died of a massive stroke in January 2005.

(Submitted by Rose’s daughter, Kathleen “Kippy” Piedici, Class of 1967)

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