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Class of 1968 Celebrates its 40th

We had a great time at the Mercier Cottage on Skaneateles Lake for our 40th reunion.  Ten years ago we had our 30th reunion at the Mercier Cottage and decided to do it again.  The ASH Class of '68 had 18 girls in our graduating class.  This weekend six of us had a great time and many laughs at the year books and stories.  We also had a great response from about nine of our class who were sorry to miss this event but had other obligations or were just too far away.  Our class is really spread out all over the map:Spain, Canada, Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut and Virginia.  There are a few still enjoying our home town of Rochester.  We did all miss Lita who was the driving force to keep us all connected.  On that note we are going to try again in ten years if not sooner for anther reunion for the ASH Class of '68!

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